Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Crown and a Crown wallet?

A. Crown is a digital Crypto currency much like Bitcoin. A Crown wallet is where your “keys” are stored which you own.
Get a Crown wallet HEREWe recommend the Electrum wallet if you are new to Crypto currencies.

Q. Why do I need a Crown wallet?

A. Owning a Crown wallet gives you access to Crown wallet “addresses”. You can use an address to register an account with newsbunker and then add news to the blockchain using your wallet address.

Q. Who can use the website?

A. Anyone with a Crown wallet address can store news they find important.

Q. How do I store news?

A. First register an account then goto the page “Stamp”, here you will find a text box with {“Article”:[{“Headline”:”EDIT“,”Link”:”EDIT”}]} already added.
In-between the quotation marks “EDIT” add the headline and link and click submit.